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Otomo Minami image

Otomo Minami

大友みなみ / Ohtomo Minami
Birth Place: Hekinan, Aichi, Japan
Birth Date: 1981-12-30
Height: 167cms

Otomo Minami's Dramas & Movies:

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    Attack No. 1

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    What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time! A smash hit manga spikes… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 9.34/10 (41 Votes)
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    Monster Parent

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    Monster parents-a neologism that denotes parents who repeatedly make unreasonable demands to their children’s school and prevent it from functioning normally. Takamura Itsuki is the ace lawyer of a major… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 9.72/10 (25 Votes)