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Fukushi Seiji image

Fukushi Seiji

Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Birth Date: 1983-06-03
Height: 178cms

Fukushi Seiji's Dramas & Movies:

  • Watch Innocent Love online

    Innocent Love

    Japanese Drama
    An arson took it all away from Akiyama Kanon seven years ago. Her parents died in that fire, her brother was arrested as the prime suspect and her carefree life… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 9.04/10 (81 Votes)
  • Watch Hitsudan Hostess online

    Hitsudan Hostess

    Japanese Movie
    The story is based on the bestselling autobiography of 25-year-old Rie Saito, who became a number-one hostess in Ginza despite being deaf. "Hitsudan Hostess" was published by Kobunsha this past… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 9.58/10 (74 Votes)
  • Watch Ousama no Shinzou online

    Ousama no Shinzou

    Japanese Movie
    An adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear. When a businessman falls ill he makes his three daughters an offer. Whichever one agrees to take care of him will inherit his chain… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 9.83/10 (6 Votes)
  • Watch Waruboro (Movie) online

    Waruboro (Movie)

    Japanese Movie
    Matsuda plays Ko, a third year junior high student during the 1980s that fights all through class and acts like a punk. One day he changes bodies with the school… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 7.94/10 (18 Votes)