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Vicky Chen

陳孝萱 (陈孝萱) / Chen Hsiao Hsuan (Chen Xiao Xuan)
Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Birth Date: 1970-07-17
Height: 165cms

Vicky Chen's Dramas & Movies:

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    Dream Flight (Movie)

    Taiwanese Movie
    "Dream Flight" is based on the true story of a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the Taiwan Air Force — Lee Cheng-liang (played by Bryant Chang) — and his selfless… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2014 Rating: 8.5/10 (14 Votes)
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    The Liquidator (Movie)

    Chinese Movie
    A criminal psychologist and a forensic expert works together to track down a serial killer who targets people who have been acquitted of notable crimes and uses their guilt as… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2017 Rating: 2.33/10 (3 Votes)