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Kim Tae Ri image

Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae-Ri, 김태리
Birth Place: South Korea
Birth Date: 1990-04-24
Height: -

Kim Tae Ri's Dramas & Movies:

  • Watch The Handmaiden (Movie) online

    The Handmaiden (Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Set in the 1930's in South Korea and Japan. Story revolves around 4 people: a noble lady (Kim Min-Hee) who has inherited a fortune, a swindler count (Ha Jung-Woo) who… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2016 Rating: 8.16/10 (51 Votes)
  • Watch Moon Young (Movie) online

    Moon Young (Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Moon-Young (Kim Tae-Ri) holds a camcorder while walking through a subway station. She films people there. For Moon-Young, her home life is like a living hell with her alcoholic father… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2016 Rating: 5.67/10 (3 Votes)
  • Watch Little Forest (Movie) online

    Little Forest (Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Hye-Won (Kim Tae-Ri) gets tired of her difficult life in the city and moves back to her hometown in the countryside. There, she heals her emotional wounds with the help… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2018 Rating: 7.9/10 (21 Votes)
  • Watch Mr. Sunshine online

    Mr. Sunshine

    Korean Drama
    During the United States expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871, a boy from Joseon boards an American warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2018 Rating: 7.36/10 (33 Votes)