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William Chan

陳偉霆 (陈伟霆) / Chan Wai-Ting (Chen Wei Ting)
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Birth Date: 1985-11-21
Height: 179cms

William Chan's Dramas & Movies:

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    The Mystic Nine : Side Story (Movie)

    Chinese Movie
    This is a continuation from The Mystic Nine series. 4 movies will be release for each main character. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2016 Rating: 9.67/10 (6 Votes)
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    Lost Love in Times

    Chinese Drama
    Female protagonist, Feng Qing Chen, is a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, the secret organisation tasked with protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2017 Rating: 9/10 (11 Votes)
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    I Love That Crazy Little Thing (Movie)

    Chinese Movie
    Jiang Yang (William Chan) is an editor who dreams of becoming a movie director. In efforts to pursue his passion, however, Yang encounters several challenges. These lead him to crazy… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2016 Rating: 5.5/10 (2 Votes)
  • Watch Genghis Khan (Movie) online

    Genghis Khan (Movie)

    Chinese Movie
    Temüjin and Börte are childhood lovers who are deeply in love; but news of Temüjin's father's death swiftly disrupted their relationship. Temüjin heads back to his hometown, but was faced… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2018 Rating: 6.89/10 (9 Votes)